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Breeding success of the year 1998.
Young Breeder of the Year 2003.
2005th Best Breed
2006th Best Breed
2007th Best Breed
2008th Best Breed
2009th Best Breed
2012th Best Breed. III. place
Fehér-Morcos Rózsa: European Champion, 2003. Pozsony
Bácskai Betyár Báró:European Champion, 2008. Budapest
Fehér-Morcos Gréti: Res. World Champion, 2006. Poznan
Fehér-Morcos Hűség: World Champion, 2006. Poznan
Fehér-Morcos Hűség: World Champion, 2008. Stockholm
Bácskai Betyár Báró: World Champion, 2009. Pozsony
Fehér-Morcos Unikum: Junior Word Champion, 2013. Gödöllő
Fehér-Morcos Rózsás: World Champion, 2013. Budapest
2013th Best Breed
2014th Best Breed
Fehér-Morcos Valér: European Champion 2014.
2015th Best Breed

Expected matings

The puppies were born on 01.01.2017. 4 males and 6 females.

kolykok 20170203

Sire: Fehér-Morcos Fantom 

fm fantom 20170203 
HJCh, HCh, Champion of World Meeting of Kuvaszok, Hortobágy

Dam: Fehér-Morcos Dalma

fm dalma 20170203

Breeder awards

aranykoszoru 2006 aranykoszoru 2013




Zoltán Pető
Béke str. 3.
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Múlt héten
Múlt hónapban

Kennel story

The story started when on his way home from school in the heavy snowfall a little boy aged 7 saw a big kuvasz standing behind the fence of a garden. There stood the little boy face to face to the big kuvasz and they were just gazing at one another. At that moment an alliance came into being there …

I was about 8 years old when I got my first puppy kuvasz as a present. Although it did not have a pedigree or any famous ancestors, a dream had come true through it at that time. It made me learn the principles of keeping dogs.

My first registered kuvasz was also a present from my parents. Consciously looking for a well-known kennel, the male puppy called Jámbor of Gödöllőkert (“Gödöllőkerti Jámbor”) became the pride of my teen-age. Unfortunately, due to its rough nature we had to give it over. Later we acknowledged that its training had been greatly spoiled by us. I was not able to live without a kuvasz for long that is why I was begging for a kuvasz again from my parents for the third time. I was not counting the number of weeks passing but a long time could have passed when finally, a male puppy named Avar Ordas of Gödöllőkert (“Gödöllőkerti Avar Ordas”) also from the kennel of Gödöllőkert became a member of our home. Having trained it consciously my efforts were crowned with success thanks for this dog.At the age 16, the long desired success came true for the first time in my life. Ordas achieved the title of Hungária Príma Junior. From then on I felt absolute commitment to the types of kuvasz. I was determined to breed them.

We bought a bitch for Ordas in 1988. She, Gyöngyharmat Almira, was the founder bitch of our kennel.

Gyöngyharmat Almira

Unfortunately, she never gave birth to whelps from Ordas. It turned out later that Ordas was completely sterile.

I was 19 in the year of 1991 when Almira had puppies from a male prize-dog named Csendháborító Ártó. This way, the Fehér-Morcos kennel has been in existence since the August of 1991. Delighted with this fact, we bought one more bitch; she was Pusztatenki Elíz.

alizPusztatenki Elíz

In 1992 we bought Jászszépe Pajti with the purpose of breeding at the age of one.

Jászszépe Pajti

I was sure that things would be running smoothly. However, it did not happen so. The bitches did not whelp, the puppies died so I did not manage to make a great step. Yet fortune smiled upon us in the misfortune when in 1992 I was able to get back one of the nice bitches we had bred ourselves named Fehér-Morcos Bella.

Fehér-Morcos Bella

This bitch was the whelp of Jászszépe Nimród and of Gyöngyhamat Almira. With her we managed to get among the “big names” of breeders. Bella gained the titles of 3xCAC – 4xRes. CAC – 1xRes. CACIB. She received the appreciation of Hungaria Kuvasz Club several times. Besides, she was an excellent mother.

Fehér-Morcos Bella és kölykei

In 1997 we started to train two young dogs for breeding born from two different parents. They were Fehér-Morcos Imperial


and Fehér-Morcos Hattyú.


Both of them became Champion. Sad to say that following only one litter of puppies Hattyú did not become pregnant any more, however, Imperial has become known from one end of Hungary to the other as well as abroad. He has a lot of offspring all over the world. Meanwhile, Fehér-Morcos Fruzsi being in another breeder’s possession became a prize-dog as well.


This way we were chosen to be master breeders with bronze wreath in 1999. In the list of prize-dogs they were followed by Lexi, Ordas, Rózsa and Suba. Thanks for them we got the title of master breeders with silver wreath. Rózsa became Interchampion, Hungária Champion, Hungária Grand Champion, Hungária Show Champion and she was the Champion of Europe in Pozsony in 2003.

rozsa1 rozsa2

rozsa3 rozsa4

Suba got the title of Interclub Champion; she has been Champion several times. Over the past few years we have welcomed a number of male dogs to the breeding and three grown-up bitches from another pedigree have also been part of our success.


At present we generally have four or five dogs. We fully rely on all our experience gained so far and we know the national stock very well. These days good offspring are not born by chance. Our dogs in the possession of other owners also have gained successes already. We managed to fulfil the way to the Gold wreath. After a good many winning dogs with the victory of Bundás, Fruska, Geri and Hálás our kennel has become a Gold-wreath Master kennel.